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Notícias Gracie

US Chess Federation Posts Video of Rener Gracie

August 2, 2010

While in Norfolk, Va. a few weeks ago for an anti-bullying program headed up by the Hip Hop Chess Federation and Gracie BULLYPROOF, Rener got the chance to hang back with Gracie student and chess player Ian Suhay to learn some new tactics off the mat.

Rener believes that the techniques and strategies of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu are much like that of a physical chess match. In both chess and BULLYPROOF, kids learn to remain focused, use critical thinking skills and patience - all essential elements in the game of life.

The chess game with Suhay was Rener's first time on a clock. According to Suhay, "Rener was an incredibly good sport."

To watch Rener and Suhay battle it out, watch the video below. And to learn more, visit

Rener Gracie plays chess from Lisa Suhay on Vimeo.