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The Gracie Diet book

July 14, 2010

For decades bits and pieces of information about The Gracie Diet have been discussed with our students and friends. For the first time ever, a comprehensive analysis of the essence of the Gracie heritage will be available. The research has been done, the results, like our jiu-jitsu, have been proven effective, and it is without a doubt the main reason for the enduring success of the Gracie Family. The Gracie Diet book, will take you on a journey of endless possibilities.

-Find out about what motivated Grand Master Carlos Gracie to develop the most important asset of the Gracie Family.
-Discover the ways we teach the young Gracies about the principles of our Spartan lifestyle.
-How to develop the will power to make the choices that you know are good for you.
-Learn how you can eat virtually anything if you combine it right.
-The three-step process that will make you lose weight and keep it off!

"Without question, our diet is more important than our jiu-jitsu," says Rorion Gracie, the author of the book.

Anticipated Released Date: Thanksgiving 2010

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By ordering before the anticipated release date, we guarantee you will receive your book in the first shipment, and you can immediately begin improving your health the Gracie way!