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Notícias Gracie

Rener Visits U.S. Army Combatives Headquarters

October 6, 2010

On October 3, 2010, Rener, along with Certified Instructor and former U.S. Army Colonel, Bill Odom, headed back to Ft. Benning, GA for the second annual U.S. Army Combatives Symposium. The Combatives program has taken off within the Army over the last several years, especially with the strong, athletic soldiers, but it still is not being accepted and adopted by the male and female soldiers who aren't naturally gifted athletes or "fighters." The purpose of the trip was to discuss what can be done to make Combatives training more universally acceptable. Rener proposed that the primary missing element is the cooperative, respectful and safe training environment for Combatives. If students get hurt or discouraged on their first day, he reasoned, then why would they come back for day two or refer the Combatives class to their friends? He then went on to introduce the panel, including Commanding General Michael Ferriter, to the proprietary Gracie Slice Presentation Formula and the teaching methods that would greatly increase the effectiveness of military instructors' in their ability to orchestrate a group class in a way that makes the art learnable by anyone - regardless of age, gender or athletic ability. It was a VERY productive trip.