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Master Cycle, Chapter 2 Now Available for all GU

August 7, 2010

A few months ago, Blue Belt Stripe 1, Chapter 2: Side Mount was released to the Gracie Garage leaders, and finally, it is available for all Gracie University students (Note: you do not need to have your blue belt to access Master Cycle lessons).

Chapter 2 features all the side mount techniques that will be required for Blue Belt Stripe 1 promotion, and it is broken down into four sub-sections: Side Mount Controls, Side Mount Escapes, Side Mount Submissions, and Side Mount Submission Counters. Each lesson is initially presented into 2-5 Technical Slices, and then Ryron and Rener teach you how to execute all the all the Slices in combination during a progressively intensifying Rapid Master Drill (RMD). Once you've tested the technique in a RMD then you are ready to apply it in a Focus Sparring session outlined by the Gracie Brothers.

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