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Notícias Gracie

Gracie Family Limited Edition Champion Juicer

January 14, 2010

Recently, the company that makes the
Champion Juicer viewed some of the Gracie smoothie videos on YouTube,
and realized that we have been keeping it real for three generations,
so they decided it would be appropriate to make a Limited Edition
Gracie Family Champion Juicer. The Limited Edition juicer comes with a
bunch of accessories, but, most importantly, it comes with a free
Gracie Juice Bag. These won't be around forever, so if you haven't
purchased a champion juicer yet, now is definitely the time.

Champion Juicer Videos

-Cantaloupe, Papaya and Banana Smoothie -Video

-Honeydew Melon Juice -Video

-Apple and Banana Smoothie -Video

-Corn Soup -Video

-Banana Ice Cream -Video