Notícias Gracie

Gracie Diet Success Story

December 1, 2009

A few days after Thanksgiving, the following letter was sent to the Gracie Family via email.

"Gracie Family,

was not sure where to email, so I am replying to this email. I have
been learning GJJ and following the diet since June. Getting a hang of
the food combinations took a while to figure out. Thanksgiving made me
nervous about knowing which things to combine and following it through
lots of airport travel. I successfully completed my travels and
followed the Gracie Diet advice in this email
for Thanksgiving Day. I felt great! I felt so great in fact that, while
everyone else in my family had the typical yuck "I ate a lot and feel
like I am going to puke," I had lots energy and went for an hour and
fifteen minute run up and down some steep hills! The run was great; the
following day I still felt great. I appreciate you guys sending out
this email and keeping it real for those of us learning.


Stephanie A. Emberley"