Notícias Gracie

Featured Gracie Garage- West London Gracie Garage

November 20, 2009

Two weeks ago we announced that we wanted
to have at least one Gracie Garage in every city by January 1, 2015,
and we immediately received an influx of Gracie Garage applications
from all over the world! Thanks to everyone for keeping it real, and a
special shout out to Jamie Harding (pictured below) for opening the
first Gracie Garage in London! To see the virtual tours for all new
Gracie Garage locations, including the West London Gracie Garage, click here.

No Gracie Garage in Your City Yet?

a Gracie Garage in your house/school/workplace and get free training at
the Gracie Academy, early access to the Master Cycle, 10% off all
Gracie merchandise, and qualify to win a surprise seminar with the
Gracie Brothers. For a complete video breakdown of the Gracie Garage
qualification requirements and benefits, click here.