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Notícias Gracie

CS Monitor Features Gracie BullyProof Program

June 30, 2010

Recently, The Christian Science Monitor featured a piece by Lisa Suhay - a Hip-Hop Chess Federation partner and a children's book author - about the usefulness of the Gracie Bullyproof program for kids dealing with bullies at school, as well as herself, a grown woman dealing with volunteering in bad neighborhoods and walks home in the dark. As a self-proclaimed "vegan pacifist" who eschews violence of any sort, the art of Jiu-Jitsu ("the gentle art" in Japanese) appeals to the author as it promotes inner strength and self-confidence with only physical action as a last resort.

"I'm a vegan pacifist who grew up in New York City's Greenwich Village scene in the 1960s, but even I have come to the point where I know my child has to be equipped physically, as well as be mentally empowered, to keep from being victimized."

Read the full article at the link below:

How to help a kid beat a bully: soft defense