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13 Questions with a Gracie University Student

September 25, 2010

On September 2, 2010 a Gracie University student nicknamed k_bl@ck posted responses to the following questions in the GU forum.

1. How did you get introduced to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu?
I was watching UFC and kept hearing about fighters with "jiu-jitsu" as their fighting style.

2. How did you hear about Gracie University?
From the Gracie Insider videos on youtube.

3. How long have you been training?
For a little over a year now.

4. Where did you find your training partner(s)?

5. How deep are you in the curriculum?
I've completed the GC, yet continue to review.

6. What has been the greatest challenge with your GU learning experience?
Cant think of any, you guys make everything easy!

7. What is your favorite part about the GU learning experience?
Just the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques.

8. Have you ever used your techniques in a street fight?
Yes, I once beat a bigger guy after only learning up to the rear naked choke lessons.

9. Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you would have known GJJ?
Many times.

10. Aside from the enhanced self-defense skills, in what ways has GJJ affected your life?
It has helped me on a philosophical level, the philosophy of acheiving maxium efficiency with minimal effort is genius.

11. Who do you know who can benefit from GJJ, and how can they benefit?
Everybody, in every way possible.

12. If you had to change one thing about Gracie University, what would it be?
Maybe go for a mobile GU app.

13. Anything else you want to share?
It was always a dream of mines to learn a martial art, but due to the lack of schools in my area, I could never achieve it. The GU is unbelievable because I can now get world class instruction from the comfort of my own home. I can finally say that my dream is now a reality!

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