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Gracie Bullyproof Program

Vídeo 8 de 22

Breaking the Bully Culture


orlando corea, 7/18/2012

Can you please e-mail me pricing information on this bullyproof program! Thanks..

Allen Yuen, 3/2/2012

Rener is excellent with these kids. I love the self confidence instilled into the kids. Bullying is so destructive and lasts into these kids teen and adult years. Educators for the most part have ignored these problems for years or have weak or ineffective policies and actions. It is also the parents of bullies who are to blame as well.

Edson Pereira, 2/4/2012

Fantastic Go Jiu Jitsu

Miguel, 1/31/2012

Really good information the philosophy and practical application offered is extremely helpful. Congratulations on your work.

Great Video and Program, 1/5/2012

Henry will be there with uncle Brent in a few years! Nice work

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