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Uncle John's Private with the Grand Master


safsaf, 5/19/2015

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Air Jordan, 4/9/2013

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Robert Geddes, 12/28/2009

Definitely an insperation to all that love Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Billy, 12/26/2009

We have a 55 yr old in our school and he just got his blue belt. Everybody hopes they can still be going at his age!

RedCloud, 12/25/2009

Way to go Uncle John, its an honor learning from you at the Academy.

KEVIN, 12/25/2009


KEVIN, 12/25/2009


Eddie, 12/25/2009

Incredibly inspiring journey. I started at age 44, and wonder too will I be able to keep up with all the young talented students here at Gracie Barra Texas. Knowing that John stayed dedicated to the art gives me hope to one day too earn my own Black Belt in BJJ!

Jon, 12/25/2009

Awesome. What an honor to get a lesson from him! Thanks for sharing this video, and thanks to the Gracie family!!

marcusstein, 12/24/2009

Did anyone catch the Shoulder Walk at the end? The Grand Master is STILL teaching us all!

Eddie, 12/24/2009

Great video, I had the honor to Roll with The Grand Master once, I brag about it all the time :) Congrats John on your Black Belt.

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