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Gracie Breakdown: GSP vs Hardy


David, 4/25/2010

I wish you guys would do this for all UFC fights. Some of the stuff you explained I could see, but as usual your expert insights are priceless! Thanks.

Chris, 4/25/2010

This is very informative. I want to make sure GSP sees this! Is there any way you guys could dot hat? I think it is important for people to understand when they make a mistake and how to improve upon it. I believe GSP would really appreciate seeing this video.


Great job guys! Great energy, VERY informative, and as always keeping it real! I love watching.

Ross, 4/24/2010

God i love watching these two explain submission moves! They are so animated and interesting. I could watch them all day. Kudos Gents!

lee, 4/24/2010

i said this to the guys at the gym, i also tired to explain that the kimura was not in complete correct position, maybe you can explain the kimura situation too, great vids gents....watching in the UK


Great job! Very interesting! Keep foward!

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