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Up until now, it was impossible for you to learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in its purest form if you did not live near a Gracie Academy Certified Training Center. Today, global internet availability and the widespread use of video-sharing technology allows you to learn it all directly from the source and qualify for official belt promotions from anywhere in the world!


As a result of teaching self-defense to thousands of students for nearly a century, the Gracie Family has discovered that the order in which you learn the techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu greatly affects the amount of time it takes you to master the art. They found that a student who learns the techniques in random order in group classes is constantly feeling overwhelmed and confused, whereas one who learns them in the logically defined, linear format of private classes grasps the principles more effectively, builds reflexes more rapidly, and never feels left behind.

As a Gracie University student, we will guide you through the complete Gracie Jiu-Jitsu curriculum, from Gracie Combatives through the Master Cycle, in the exact order used in private classes at the Gracie Academy. You can access Gracie University’s fully interactive online video courses from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world to learn all the techniques at your own pace.

To see what is possible through Gracie University watch The First Live Blue Belt Stripe 1 Test from a Pure Gracie University Student!


What separates Gracie University from every other web-based martial arts instructional program, aside from the effectiveness of the techniques and easy-to-follow lesson structure, is the Video Evaluation Process. This groundbreaking interactive evaluation system allows you to test for official belt promotions and receive detailed feedback from anywhere in the world. Once you have mastered all the techniques in a learning module, such as Gracie Combatives, you will digitally record yourself performing five belt qualification drills with a training partner. Then, you will upload the videos to the online testing center at for evaluation by a Gracie Academy instructor. If your performance meets Gracie Academy standards, then we will promote you and mail you your official belt and rank certificate. Four-stripe brown belt is the highest rank you can achieve through the Video Evaluation Process. Testing for black belt requires participate in a five-day qualification test at the Gracie Academy headquarters in Torrance, CA. Please visit the Gracie University Testing Center for more information.


Although Gracie University grants you the convenience of learning from anywhere in the world, your success hinges on possessing the same discipline expected of a resident Gracie Academy student. You must have a training partner who is equally dedicated to progressing through the curriculum. If you don’t have a training partner, visit the Students & Schools section of Gracie University to find a Gracie Garage or another practitioner in your community willing to join you on the path to black belt.


Even though we produced the Gracie University video lessons with great attention to detail, we understand that you may still have questions about the lesson. Simply post your question in the Gracie University Forum and a Gracie Academy instructor will personally assist you in solving your problem. You may also use the live chat feature to share ideas with other students who are concurrently training with you.


The best part about Gracie University is that student registration is free. Click on the link below, create a free student profile, and you will have instant access to:

  • Lessons 1, 2, and 3, of the Gracie Combatives beginner program
  • Lessons 1 and 6 of the Women Empowered program
  • Lesson 1 of the Master Cycle advanced program
  • The Blue Belt Qualification Handbook (65-page free download)
  • The official Blue Belt Qualification Test demonstration
  • The official Women Empowered Test demonstration
  • The official Blue Belt Stripe 1 test demonstration
  • Several Video Belt Tests submitted by actual GU students
  • The Gracie University “Ask the Gracies” Forum