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Gracie News is Now Live

July 28, 2010

The Gracie Academy interactive online learning center for kids is finally live. The site operates very similar to, with the main exception being that parents/guardians create a primary account, and then they create sub-accounts for each child they are guiding through the curriculum. Here are some benefits of creating a profile:

Free Access to the Entire Parent Preparation Course
Immediately after you create a free student profile on, you will be granted instant access to the entire Parent Preparation Course. Based on the feedback we've gotten thus far, this information alone will change the way you raise your kids, and if you don't have kids, this course will make you want to get started! Ryron and Rener share the child-teaching secrets that their father, Rorion, used on them and if you follow these guidelines, the success of the Gracie Bullyproof program in your home is 100% guaranteed!

More Free Stuff
Along with the Parent Preparation Course, you will also be given instant free access to the Gracie Rules of Engagement and the Gracie KidSAFE courses as soon as you create your profile. Watch these courses first to make sure you agree with the techniques and principles shared, and then watch them with your child, one piece at a time.

International Gracie Bullyproof Access
Like the Gracie Combatives DVDs, the Gracie Bullyproof DVDs are formatted for Region 1 DVDs players (primarily North America and Canada) so many of our international students haven't been able to access the Gracie Bullyproof curriculum. Through, the entire Gracie Bullyproof curriculum is available for purchase for less than you would pay for the DVDs, considering the shipping costs. The videos that are available online are EXACTLY the same as the videos that appear on the DVDs.

Online Belt Testing
Children who learn at home via the Gracie Bullyproof DVDs or via the online curriculum can qualify for official belt promotions via the online belt testing system. Every 80 lessons, the parent can upload a video of the child doing a belt test according to the specifications outlined on the website, if the child's performance meets Gracie Academy standards, we will mail them an official Gracie Jiu-Jitsu kids' belt in the mail. In order to submit a belt test, or to watch a complete video demonstration of the kids' belt test, click on the following link:

Log-in, Explore, and Send us Your Feedback
Of course, also has the Ask the Gracies' forum and a personalized digital Jiu-Jitsu Journal for each child learning under your guidance, and many other cool features. When you log-in, be sure to take a few minutes to explore the site and if you see anything that we could do enhance the user experience, please let us know by posting it in the Forum.