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Worst Anti-Bullying Advice Ever

April 30, 2014

Public School in Nebraska Distributes Terrible Advice to Students

Recently, a public school in Lincoln, Nebraska, sent home a flyer with it's students issuing some of the worst anti-bullying advice of all time. In case you don't believe us, the actual flyer (pictured below) encouraged students "not to verbally defend themselves," and "not to tell on the bully."

It should be noted that the school did issue a public apology after they received a ton of negative backlash from parents. Although there is a good chance that Lincoln Public Schools will never issue such bad advice again, it doesn't solve the issue that children still need good anti-bullying advice. Pictured below is a side-by-side comparison of the Lincoln Public School advice and the Gracie Bullyproof Rules of Engagement taught to kids in the Gracie Family and to all students and Certified Training Centers around the world. Which side are you on?