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Women Empowered: Wrist Release (Variation 1 of 5)

May 24, 2011

In Phase 2 of a stranger-related sexual assault, the assailant will attempt to overwhelm and subdue his target to then isolate her from the crowd or get her to the ground. In the Women Empowered DVD program, we teach proven defense strategies for all the most common Phase 2 attack strategies such as a bear hugs, choke holds, hair grabs or wrist grabs. In this new sample video from disc 1 of the DVD program, we explore one of the five variations of the Gracie Wrist Releases featured in the Women Empowered program. Upon viewing this sample clip, get a partner and give it a try. Pay particularly close attention to important role proper base and body positioning plays in giving you the greatest amount of leverage during the escape.

New Video: Lesson 2 - Wrist Release (Variation 1), Slice 1

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