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Woman Dragged by Hair & Sexually Assaulted

January 7, 2016

Important New Self-defense Video that EVERY Woman Must Watch!

LET'S HELP THE SURVIVOR: If anyone has any contact with the woman who survived this assault, please notify the Gracie Academy (email We would like to sponsor her to come to California to receive a full week of personal training with Eve and Rener at Gracie Academy Headquarters.

At 7:30pm on Wednesday, November 25, a woman was jogging in East River Park near Jackson Avenue when a man accosted and dragged her by the hair into a nearby amphitheater.
Once there, he sexually assaulted her, stole her cell phone and credit cards, and took off on a bicycle. If you have any information about the suspect's whereabouts, please contact NYPD immediately.

In this special edition Gracie Breakdown, Eve and Rener Gracie discuss the incident, specifically how the hair-grab can be so challenging and debilitating during an assault. They also discuss how, with some principle-driven jiu-jitsu training, a woman can not only minimize the assailants effectiveness, but turn the tables and use the attacker's own grip to incapacitate him with a joint lock or a chokehold.


In response to this incident, and to help expose as many women as possible to the benefits of learning self-defense, we are hosting a free Gracie Women Empowered seminar at several Certified Training Centers around the world. The seminars are free and are specifically designed for first-time students with no experience.

Listed below are the specific cities where the seminars will be taking place on Saturday, January 23, 2016. Contact your local CTC directly to save your spot for the free seminar!

Torrance Self-defense Seminar
Date: Saturday, January 23 from 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Location: 3515 Artesia Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504
Attire: Casual workout attire.
RSVP: Call (310) 353-4100 or send an email to

Brea, California
750 N. Brea Blvd
Brea, CA 92821
Instructor: Jake Warren
Phone: 562-665-5110

Palm Desert, California
73712 Alessandro Suite B-2
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Phone: 760-396-6623

Fort Collins, Colorado
5800 S. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970-267-0490

Wahiawa, Hawaii
70 Kukui Street
Wahiawa, HI 96786
Phone: 808-778-6160

Annapolis, Maryland
81C Forest Plaza
Annapolis, MD 21401
Instructor: Erik Hollon
Phone: 410-268-1508

Queens Village, New York
214-42 Hillside Avenue
Queens Village, NY 11427
Instructor: Michele X. Jimenez
Phone: 718-740-0950

Leesburg, Virginia
525 A East Market Street
Leesburg, VA 20176
Instructor: Marco Moreno
Phone: 571-278-4122

Norfolk, Virginia
814 W. 45th Street
Norfolk, VA 23508
Instructor: Bill Odom
Phone: 757-621-8997

Virginia Beach, Virginia
1320 Kempsville Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Instructor: Frank Cucci
Phone: 757-495-7070

Williamsburg, Virginia
551-A Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Instructor: John Nguyen
Phone: 757-253-2622

Issaquah, Washington
1740 19th Ave NW, Ste. 4
Issaquah, WA 98027
Phone: 425-295-7077

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
5B - 250 East Esplanade
North Vancouver, British Columbia V7L 1A5
Instructor: Marc Marins
Phone: 604-729-7788

Seoul, South Korea
1450-3 Seocho-dong (7 Nambusunhwan-ro 325-gil)
Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-073
South Korea
Phone: (82) 107-570-4338