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Win 1 Month Supply of Acai Roots

August 8, 2011

You want to win 1 month supply of Acai Roots products? Well here's your chance! All you have to do is come up with the best summer acai recipe.

Step 1: Post Your Recipe on
Be as creative as you want, but in order to enter the contest, your recipe must include acai and it must adhere to Gracie Diet guidelines. To make sure your recipe does not violate the Gracie Diet, makes sure you only use Group C foods along with Group E (Bananas), or Group C with one of Group B. For a full breakdown of all Group C, E, and B foods, visit the Interactive Gracie Diet Table. Once you've devised your recipe (and you have a cool name for it), post it on for everyone to see.

Step 2: Campaign for Votes
Once you've posted your detailed recipe (with a cool name) on the Acai Roots Page, start sharing the link with your friends and get as many "Likes" as you can. The top 10 recipes with the most "Likes" before August 31, will move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Win the Gracie Taste Test
On August 31, we will get the top 10 recipes, based on number of "Likes," and the Gracies will select three of those recipes to actually make, and then they will taste all three recipes. If your recipe wins, you get the grand prize - 1 month supply of premium Acai Roots products!

The contest starts now and ends on August 31, 2011. Let the acai games begin! To get your "juices" flowing, watch these previous Acai Roots recipes: Amazon Apple, and Roliday Rappiness.

Click on the image to visit the Acai Roots Facebook Page