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What to Expect: Live Verification Testing

April 23, 2015

An in-depth review from a GU student in Canada

Dear Gracie Academy,

I received an email looking for feedback from my Blue Belt Live Verification Test March 28-29, 2015, Edmonton Canada. In short it was fantastic. Even though I had my butt handed to me for the whole time during prep work-ups from a guy who didn't even break a sweat, it was still great. Jeff's training, skills and philosophy was so evident that I never felt defeated; He made it a positive learning experience. I hope that makes sense.

First Impressions:

I went up to Edmonton with two friends and I am sure our experiences are similar, But I can only speak of my own experiences. So on arrival I go downstairs and it must have been just at the end of a lesson because people everywhere were smiling. I recognize Jeff Greekas immediately, my first impressions was this guy is all right, no Ego, I picked up nothing negative from him.

The Work-up:

The prep work-up was Eye Opening! To all the guys and girls out there doing Gracie Combatives on-line I would strongly suggest getting to a CTC and doing some prep work with the instructor before you test. First off, you are taken out of your comfort zone, both in where you train (basement), and your skill set. Next, you're rolling with the instructor who has the knowledge and skill sets to reveal any and all shortcomings / weak spots in your jiu-jitsu; it is well worth your time. Please don't get me wrong, I love the distance learning and will continue my Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training via distance learning, I am just saying I found it very beneficial.

The Test:

I now get it 100%, the differences between an Official Live Verification Test with a Certified Instructor and video test without an instructor. The test does what a test is supposed to do, see what skill level you are at and whether you are you ready for the next level. But with a Certified Instructor the realism is brought home on a different level.

In closing, my friends and I trained just over 17 months before we tested at the Edmonton CTC. We train in Medicine Hat (500ish kilometers south of Edmonton) in my home using the Gracie Combative DVDs and will continue on with the Blue Belt Stripe 1 Master Cycle curriculum, assuming we passed the blue belt test. If we didn't pass the Gracie Combatives, well we will be seeing Jeff in a couple of months' time.

Take Care,

Bill MacDonald
Medicine Hat Alberta Canada

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