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Gracie News

What I Did For Summer Vacation

September 5, 2013

By Zac Cunningham

My experience at Steven White's Karate Studio was great. The instructors were very cool about everything and they definitely kept it playful, and real just like the instructors in Torrance. I was very excited to meet the family and see how Gracie Jiu-Jitsu impacted people on the other side of the country. A place where if you wanted acai you had to get a Vitamin Water, but it still had the same vibe as the Gracie Head Quarters. They were very welcoming and excited to have me at their Gracie CTC. They told me I was their first visitor, but I was amazed because it seemed like they had been through the process before. Not only were the instructors awesome, but the students were also welcoming. They were interested to hear what it is like to study Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Torrance; they welcomed me with an amazing roll session. While rolling with these guys I realized a couple of techniques I really like using. For example; I really like bumping when they go for the head triangle, and when it came time for the guard focus they taught us the forced arm bars.

My favorite roll during this trip was with instructor Ross White because he is very funny, playful and it was fun to just roll with him. My favorite moment at this CTC was walking in for the first time and seeing the huge window. It was cool to have the window with short wall mats to border. Finally, it was funny taking pictures when Steven White; he said, "Okay now a serious one: so Rener is happy," The serious one, as seen in the title. All of this that you reading are just from my two-day experience; if I have this much to write about from two days, I think it shows that this academy is really great. I'm excited to visit again and hopefully next time I will be able to train more!

If you are in the New England area or just visiting New England and want to train while on vacation go to, click on the Certified Training Centers tab, find New Hampshire on the map - click on it, then click on Manchester to check these guys out. All the information anyone would need is right there. Then once you have the information check out the greatness my friends, check out the amazingness!