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Weapon Retention from Guard (Gracie Breakdown)

March 25, 2016

Second Video Produced In Collaboration With 5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical recently started a series of Subject Matter Expert videos covering various fields from firearm training to tactical driving. For their hand-to-hand defensive tactics experts, they've recruited Ryron and Rener to share some critical concepts from the Gracie Survival Tactics course. In the second video they switch positions to work from the bottom of the guard and demonstrate a series of techniques that enable LEOs to retain their weapons with minimal escalation of force. With training like this, LEOs are spared the stress of a controversial shooting, and most importantly, go home at the end of their shift.

For more information on Gracie Survival Tactics (GST), including upcoming instructor certification course dates, visit

Special thanks goes out to Spiro Demetriadi of Triadi, Inc., for all of his work in organizing this video presentation.