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VIDEO: How to Tie Your Gi Pants w/ Rener Gracie

September 20, 2012

At the Gracie Academy there is a technique for everything!

If there is any way to tell a newbie from an experienced jiu-jitsu pracitioner, it would be in how they tie their belt and gi pants. Last year, Rener released a tutorial on "how to tie the belt" and it has since become the number one belt tying tutorial with over 160,000 views (it's hilarious). Seeing how many people benefited from that video, Rener decided to take it one step further and teach people the most efficient way to tie the gi pants, since 95% of all white belts will never figure out the "lateral thrusters" on their own. Check out the video and be sure to share it on Twitter and Facebook since you probably have some friends who suffer daily from not having the techniques featured in the video. You will laugh out loud at least three times. Guaranteed.

New Video: How to Tie Your Gi Pants w/ Rener Gracie