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Video: Black Belt Breakdown: Armbars

November 11, 2014

Rener Gracie breaks down armbars with Alex Stuart

In jiu-jitsu, the black belt is where the real learning begins. After several years of rolling like every round is a death-match, the student gets a black belt and realizes (far too late) that no one is keeping score. At that point, he begins to relax and roll in a way that focuses on progress over proof, emphasizing playfulness over prowess.

In the new Black Belt Breakdown video series, our goal is to expose you to the tips, tricks, and techniques that were discovered by our black belt brothers (and sisters) from around the world when they finally let their guard down and began "playing" jiu-jitsu.

If you pay attention on the surface, you'll pick up some slick details to add to your arsenal, but if you observe the lessons on a deeper level, you will recognize an underlying training philosophy shared by all black belts that, if adopted, will increase your rate of progress unlike anything else.

Our first guest, Alex Stuart, is a black belt certified instructor who teaches full time at Gracie Academy Headquarters in Torrance, CA. Alex is the fasted white-to-black belt student ever produced by the Gracie Academy and his armbars are ridiculous. Enjoy the video, and then swing by the Academy in Torrance to feel the techniques first-hand!