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US Navy SEALs to Host October GST in California

August 22, 2014

Train with Rener at the Navy SEAL Compound in San Diego, CA!

We are proud to announce that the US Naval Special Warfare(NSW)/Advanced Training Command(ATC) - SEALs/SWCCs will be hosting a GST Level 1 seminar on October 13-17th at their compound in San Diego, California. They will be opening their doors to all active-duty Military and Law Enforcement professionals who are interested in participating. This is a rare opportunity learn directly from Rener Gracie at one of the most respect military training compounds on the planet! To learn more, or to register for the course, click here.

The GST program has really picked up steam over the last year. Both Norfolk, VA and Arlington, TX were sold out courses. Here is some of the feedback we are getting from the graduates:

"I personally and professionally have over twenty years of attending and instructing hundreds of difference courses and I can easily say that Rener is one of the best instructors I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Blind fold drill I really established that at the end of the class and I truly have acquired skills I can and will use. At the base level, under stress, and even without seeing what my opponent is doing."

"I very much enjoyed this course. I have absolutely no martial arts experience what so ever. I have always participated traditional American sports. Things like Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Karate have always intimidated me because I lacked the confidence in myself. After taking this course and experiencing Ryron's teaching style, I feel so much more comfortable continuing my training in Jiu-Jitsu."

"I have been training all my life, and have been teaching over 25 years. This is by far, the best teaching formula, and best presented class I have ever attended. I feel that your teaching has helped me to develop and become better at what I do. Thank you! I am grateful for this opportunity."

NEW GST Scholarship Opportunity
If you are very interested in GST Instructor Certification, but you have been denied funding by your department, you may qualify for a unique sponsorship opportunity through Guardian Educational Fund. For the first time ever, this amazing organization is offering full scholarships for qualified officers to attend GST courses throughout the country. To learn more, or to apply for a GST scholarship, click here.