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Gracie News

US Air Force Goes Gracie

April 25, 2013

Women Empowered Program Adopted at Minot AFB

Last week, Rener, Eve, Alex Ueda, and Jennifer Gray traveled to snowy Minot, North Dakota to teach a one week Women Empowered instructor certification course for 100 men and women on the US Air Force base in Minot. Organized by Capt. Ty Bess the course was a blazing success. Check out the news coverage of the course here. On top of 40+ hours of jiu-jitsu instructor training, Rener and the crew had the opportunity to do some super cool activities such as getting attack by K-9 dogs, flying a top secret B-52 simulator, and Alex Ueda had some weird urge to get Tasered so he went for it (video coming soon!)