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Upcoming Gracie Seminars

March 22, 2013

Don't miss the Gracie Brothers at a GJJ seminar near you!

Here is the Gracie Brother seminar schedule for the next few months. If you're interested in learning more about any particular seminar, click on the link to learn more. If you're interested in attending any seminar, be sure to save your spot early since mat space is limited and most seminars sell out several weeks in advance.

Columbus, Ohio (Ryron Gracie)
Thursday, March 21 - More Info

Louisville, Kentucky (Ryron Gracie)
Friday, March 22-23 - More Info

Nashville, Tennessee (Ryron Gracie)
Saturday, March 23 - More Info

Roswell, Georgia (Rener Gracie)
Saturday, March 23 - More Info

Marietta, Georgia (Rener Gracie)
Sunday, March 24 - More Info

Minot, North Dakota (Rener Gracie)
Monday, April 15 & Wednesday, April 17 - More Info

Midland, Michigan (Rener Gracie)
Tuesday, June 18 & Thursday, June 20 - More Info