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UP NEXT: Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann

Feburary 18, 2014

This Saturday Night Live on Pay-Per-View!

As most of you know, Ronda has been sharpening her jiu-jitsu sword at the Gracie Academy for quite some time now, and this Saturday she will face her toughest challenge to date. Her opponent, Sara McMann, is an Olympic Silver Medalist in wrestling and is currently undefeated in MMA with a record of 7-0. It should be very interesting to see how Ronda's Olympic Judo skills match up against Sara's Olympic Wrestling experience. Let's just hope the fight goes to the ground so we can see who keeps it more playful on the mat! :)

For those who haven't seen this cool mini-doc of Ronda's GJJ training camp, click here to watch. Ryron and Rener discuss what she's learning, why she's so quick to absorb information, and how good her armbars really are. Enjoy!