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Uncle John Rests in Jiu-Jitsu Heaven

May 1, 2013

Join us this Sunday for Uncle John's Open Mat Memorial

On Saturday morning we lost one of our most dedicated jiu-jitsu brothers, an amazing instructor, and a beloved friend, John Boyd. In 1999, "Uncle John" had his intro class with Rorion Gracie, and 11 years later he earned his black belt from the Gracie Family. When he was a blue belt, Uncle John was fortunate enough to have a private lesson with Grand Master Helio (seen here:) and now he will finally have the opportunity to continue his training with the Grand Master as they rest together in Jiu-Jitsu Heaven.

Uncle John's Open Mat Memorial - This Sunday @ 7pm in Torrance
Uncle John was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. This Sunday (May 5) at the Gracie Academy in Torrance, we will celebrate John Boyd's life and his invaluable contributions to the Gracie Academy with a slideshow presentation of some of his greatest moments and an open mat training session on his behalf. Everyone is invited. Wear your gi (if you plan on rolling) and show up at least 15 minutes early to allow time for parking. The "greatest moments" presentation begins at 7pm and the open mat training will follow soon afterwards.

We miss you Uncle John! Protect your neck with the GM and we'll be rolling with you in no time!