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UFC FN: Lyoto Machida vs. Gegard Mousasi

Feburary 11, 2014

Don't miss it this Saturday at 10:30pm/7:30pm EST/PST on Fox Sports 1

This Saturday, Rener will be heading down to Jaragua, Brazil with Lyoto Machida where the Dragon will face off against Gegard Mousasi. As you may know, Lyoto has been training diligently at the Gracie Academy for over a year now and his jiu-jitsu confidence has grown remarkably. If he can't knock Mousasi out with one of his lightning quick strikes, he will look to finish the fight with a submission.

The fight airs free on Fox Sports 1 this Saturday, February 15, at 10:30pm EST (7:30pm PST). Watch it live or set your DVR!