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UFC Fan Expo GJJ Seminars with Rener Gracie

July 27, 2011

Houston, Texas - October 7-8, 2011 (George R. Brown Convention Center)

Rener Gracie was invited by the UFC to teach four Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Mastery Seminars at the UFC Fan Expo in Houston, TX in conjunction with UFC 136. If you live in Texas, or you plan on traveling to Houston for UFC 136, don't miss the opportunity to take your jiu-jitsu to the next level with four Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Mastery Seminars in two days!

Friday, October 7 @ 11am-1pm
Mount Submission Mastery

The "mount" is one of the best positions you can achieve in a fight. But getting there is one thing, finishing the fight is another. In this seminar, Rener will teach you how to use proven control strategies and his most dynamic no-gi submission system to demoralize and defeat your opponent regardless of their size.

Friday, October 7 @ 3pm-5pm
Back Mount Submission Mastery

Although the back mount is widely accepted as the most dominant position in the fight, winning from this position is an arduous task, especially if your opponent is trained in jiu-jitsu. In this seminar, Rener will teach you how to use the "Triple Threat" approach (armlocks, chokes, and triangles in combination) to create an unstoppable back mount attack sequence.

Saturday, October 8 @ 11am-1pm
Triangle Choke Mastery

Ever since Royce Gracie used it to defeat Dan Severn in UFC 4, the Triangle Choke has become one of the most famous techniques in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. In this seminar, Rener will teach you the most effective setup variations, control strategies, and finishing options for this devastating submission. In addition, he will share the secret to finishing the Triangle Choke on MUCH larger opponent (regardless of how short your legs are)!

Saturday, October 8 @ 3pm-5pm
Submission Counter Mastery

Grand Master Helio Gracie's fight philosophy was very simply: if you don't lose, you will eventually win. At 140lbs, the Grand Master was smaller than all his opponents, but because he was able to remain calm and neutralize their attacks, his opponents would eventually tire and he would prevail. In this seminar, Rener will teach you the most effective counter-strategies, or "emergency escapes," to all the most commonly used submissions (Armlocks, Chokes, Triangles, etc.), so that you, too, can get one step close to invincible!

Additional Details

Tuition: The tuition fee is $85 per seminar. You can register for a single seminar or you can register for all four at once for $340. A an official Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy Certificate will be awarded to all students who complete all four seminars.

Attire: All four seminars will be no-gi seminars. You are allowed to wear a gi if you'd like, but none of the techniques will be gi reliant. No tank tops or cut-off t-shirts allowed. Rash guards or t-shirts (short or long sleeves) can be worn along with gi pants or fight shorts.

Experience Levels: All seminars are open to all experience levels from novice to ultra-experienced. Rener's teaching style is so clear and easy-to-follow that even someone with no experience can come attend the seminars and not feel overwhelmed or left behind. On the other hand, his knowledge is so profound that even the most advanced jiu-jitsu practitioners will leave much deeper understandings of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

To reserve a spot for one or more of the seminars, click here.