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The Power of a Gracie Car Decal

October 24, 2014

Free 10" Car Decal with all orders over $50

Dear Gracie Family,

I have to tell you the most amazing story that happened to me in Atlanta tonight! I recently enrolled with Eddie Camden's CTC here in town. Unfortunately due to work commitments, some health issues and financial reasons I had to postpone my education after only one lesson. I did however purchase the GJJ window sticker and license plate holder that proudly show your academy's name.

Tonight, I was leaving a strip mall here and felt a slight bump as two individuals hit my car from behind. I was rather annoyed and got out of the car in a hurry to see what damage had been done to my car. The two men got out of their car mouthing off at me about it being my fault. For a split moment I had visions of being attacked.

All of a sudden, having looked at my rear window, one of the men turned to the other and said "don't f*ck with him - he knows Jiu Jitsu and shit".

Both men appeared to calm down immediately and the whole matter was resolved peacefully. There actually wasn't any damage to my car.

So, simply by having the GJJ decal on the rear window of my car I was able to "defend" myself, and these two men decided not to attack me! Surely GJJ is THE ONLY martial art in the world that can protect us without even knowing how to do it. Just the amazing reputation of GJJ can help protect us in bad situations!

Thank you!!!

As I left the situation I turned back to them, smiled, and said "keep it playful". They looked confused!


Nigel Spain