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The First 100 Blue Belt Test!

December 23, 2009

We've had a handful of 97's and 98's and
two very impressive 99's (both of which were students at Certified GJJ
Training Centers) but no one has ever received a perfect 100 on the
Blue Belt Qualification Test, until now. We knew it would happen one
day, but never in a million years did we expect the first perfect pass
to come from a
Gracie Combatives DVD

student who has NEVER trained at an actual school of martial arts! On
December 8, 2009, Jamie Harding, the Garage Leader from the West London
Gracie Garage, submitted his test after approximately 200 training
hours. The first evaluator was shocked that he couldn't find a mistake
so he passed it up the ladder to another evaluator, and once both had
confirmed that there were no errors, I (Rener) was notified. I watched
the test once and found no significant mistakes. Determined to deduct
at least one point, I watched the test again, and although I noticed
some slight differentiations in the execution of some techniques, which
is inevitable since everyone is shaped differently, there were no
mistakes that would have altered the street applicability of his
techniques. His test was perfect.

I have chosen to make Jamie's complete test available for viewing so
that all white belts know what they should be aiming for, and to
inspire anyone who doesn't think Gracie Jiu-Jitsu can be learned from
home. As you watch, pay particularly close attention to how little
"thinking" goes on. Notice how, in almost every case, the time between
indicator and response is but a fraction of a second. Also, keep an eye
on his training partner or "bad guy," Fabio Toyoma, who does an
incredible job presenting the indicators in a realistic manner. We're
very proud to have Jamie and Fabio as part of the extended Gracie
Family, and if you live in West London, you'd be crazy not to train
with these guys.

In recognition of Jamie's unparalleled level of dedication to art, we
have decided to give him free access to Chapter 1 of the Master Cycle,
and if you score a 100, we'll do the same for you!

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