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Gracie News

The Empowerment Impact on an Assault Survivor

Feburary 26, 2013

Letter submitted by a dedicated Women Empowered student

The following letter and beautiful poem were submitted by a dedicated Gracie University Women Empowered student named Christina.

Dear Mr. Gracie,

I am writing to say thank you to both you and Ms. Eve Torres.

I truly hope all women in your Women Empowered course will enjoy the pink belt key chain as much as I do. I truly believe that these belt key chains can be, not only a small reminder of how far we've come on this Gracie Jiu Jitsu journey, but also a great inspirational tool to keep us motivated.

Secondly, I would like to thank you, Ms. Torres for being such an inspirational role model for myself ( as well as women everywhere ) during my Gracie Jiu Jitsu journey. As a survivor of domestic violence, I know first hand how the women's empowered program can not only save a women's life but also how it can restore confidence and self esteem. I truly believe that every woman ( and teenage girl ), can benefit from your Women Empowered course. It is my hope that every woman, who has enjoyed your course, will share their knowledge of their friends so women everywhere can learn. For if we cannot put an end to violence against women, we certainly can increase a women's chance of surviving a violent attack by becoming empowered with your program.

As a small token of my thanks to you both, I would like to share this poem I wrote.


Christina D.

"An Empowering Journey"

Around a corner, somewhere in the dark,
Down a hallway or maybe outside in a park.
A friend, family, or someone you barely know,
Or perhaps it's a stranger who wants to start this show.
But it's the look in their eyes you see,
That shows the danger waiting for me.
Is there something in that subtle touch,
That seems to say just a little too much.
Or was it a sudden blow that caught you off guard,
And sent your body crashing down hard.
One swift moment was all it took,
To change the way you now look.
All you need is just one friend's hand,
To get up on your feet and make a stand.
You started off so awkward and shy,
But you knew in time, you'd reach the sky.
With a simple twist you can break their hold,
Keep up the good work is what you're told.
It's not about size or strength you'll hear,
But leverage that will help you escape this fear.
Women united can right this wrong,
And getting Empowered can make us strong.
It takes time and much determination,
To be a part of this Gracie Jiu Jitsu Nation.
In every lesson a new technique you learn,
And with each slice, you take your turn.
You practice the mount and guard escapes just right,
All the while keeping the pink belt in your sight.
15 lessons, in the end, that's all,
That helped you stand with pride, against the big green wall.
Looking back to the hours spent,
On this road to Women's Empowerment.
You can smile for now you see,
The importance of this journey, but not just for me.
For this is the beginning to an end,
Where darkness and fear are no longer a woman's friend.
And now all women can stand in the light,
With their strength and confidence shining so bright.
For this we give thanks to the family,
Who came from Brazil with the name of Gracie.
From generation to generation they pass along,
Their art of Jiu Jitsu to keep us from harm.