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Gracie News

The Bullyproof Book

March 12, 2010

Dear Students,

Ryron and I are
working on a book that will work in conjunction with the Gracie
Bullyproof course to put an end to the bullying epidemic. In order to
provide the greatest value, we must make sure that the information
released in the book reflects what is truly happening in people's
lives, and to accomplish this we need your help.

If you or a
family member has had any experience with bullying (at any point in
your/their life), as the bully or as the victim, we are eager to know
the details.

- What happened and for how long? What were the motives behind the abuse? When and how did it come to an end?
- How did you or your family members respond to these experiences? What did you say? What did you do? What did you feel?
- Did anyone authority figures get involved - parents, school personnel,
or the police? Was that outside involvement helpful or not?
- And anything else you'd like to tell us!

Here's an email address to which you can send your thoughts:

Your input will remain anonymous.

Thank you in advance for any information you provide, it will be invaluable to the success of the movement!

Best Regards,
Rener Gracie