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The Black Belt Breakdown of Chapter 5: Back Mount

May 24, 2011

Luke Beston provides a thorough analysis of Back Mount Chapter

"The Back Mount Chapter features six loaded lessons. Following the previous chapters, in the first two lessons Professors Ryron and Rener teach a number of strategies to help us maintain and control the back position while setting up future attacks. My favorite part of these lessons is how the Professors link the back mount and top mount positions and techniques that allow you to seamlessly flow from one to the other. Like the previous MC Stripe 1 Chapters, new moves continue to refine our understanding of the Gracie Combatives foundation. Furthermore, the Professors now begin to link whole categories of techniques and our understanding of the "big picture" begins to gain momentum. I love how they connect the remount technique and the T.A.C. (Twisting Arm Control) in Lesson 36.

In Lesson 38, Ryron and Rener add a bunch of intricate details to help us finish the Rear Naked Choke against a skilled opponent, and then, in the same lesson, they introduce three variations of a new submission, the lapel choke from the back mount, which is probably the most used submission in high level gi jiu-jitsu competition. Lesson 39, the brothers break down the straight armlock from the back, and then they teach the specifics of how to use it against skilled opponents by combining it with the newly learned chokes from the back. For an example of this exact
armlock in action, check out Ryron's classic match with Todd Margolis.

The two back mount submission counter lessons present an integrated defense strategy which gives the viewer a solid foundation to deal with the most common submission threats. There are so many little details and concepts in these two lessons that your ability to re-watch the lessons will be more useful than ever, so even if you've learned these techniques in your academy use the online lessons to pick up all the details you may have overlooked in the group class.

The meticulous planning and hard work Professors Ryron and Rener have put into the Gracie University learning system really becomes apparent as we approach the end of the Blue Belt Stripe 1 syllabus. I can't wait to see what they have lined up for Stripe 2!"