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Gracie News

Teenage Girl Violently Assaulted by Bullies

April 6, 2016

Share the Video to Help Find Naomi

14-year-old Naomi Johnson was invited to a party only to be violently assaulted by four girls, including her "best friend." Naomi has since dropped out of school and her entire life has been altered for the worse. We are 100% confident that we can rebuild Naomi's confidence, and we would like to sponsor her and her family to come to Torrance for one week of intensive Gracie Bullyproof training. Please SHARE and help us find Naomi, so we can help her regain control of her life so she can re-enroll in school without fear!

Anyone who has direct access to the Johnson Family, please contact us immediately at

Ryron and Rener also discuss the top 3 myths regarding bullying and what parents can do to ensure their child does not suffer the same fate. Critical information for any parent of a school-aged child.

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