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Submission Series 6 is Finally Here!

Feburary 15, 2013

Order Your "Guilhotina" T-shirt Today

On the sixth Submission Series t-shirt, we pay tribute one of the most devastating submissions in the jiu-jitsu arsenal, the Guillotine Choke. The Guillotine was always one of Grand Master Helio's favorite techniques because of the fact that it could be used to choke an aggressive opponent from a standing position. Even though the Guillotine Choke is introduced to all beginner Gracie Jiu-jitsu students in Lesson 23 of the Gracie Combatives program, it remains one of the most commonly used techniques in high level MMA competition around the world.

One of the most spectacular Guillotine Chokes in recent history was Renzo's "Flying Arm-in Guillotine" finish of Pat Militech, as featured in this great segment on "60 Minutes." Click below to watch.

When you purchase the SS 6/10 t-shirt, you are given instant access to a top secret video entitled "Five Favorite Guillotines." In this detailed instructional video, Ryron and Rener teach you their five favorite advanced Guillotine Choke variations. The video includes Ryron's Flying Guillotine and Rolling Guillotine. Rener breaks down the Arm-in Guillotine and the 3/4 Guard Guillotine. They also review some critical details and modified grips for the Gracie Combatives standing Guillotine Choke for use when an aggressive person tries to tackle you to the ground - this video alone is worth the price of the t-shirt! Once you purchase the SS 6/10 t-shirt, you'll get an instant email receipt for your purchase, and at the bottom of that receipt you'll receive special instructions on how to get instant access to your secret online instructional video.

Available in sizes Small through XXXL. Click here to order your SS 6/10 t-shirt today.