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Submission Series 4/10: Mata Leao

July 13, 2012

Now Available in the Gracie Store

On the fourth Submission Series t-shirt, we honor the most devastating submission of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, the "Mata Leao" or Lion Killer, also known as the Rear Naked Choke. This technique has been used to win more Gracie challenge matches than all others combined. Although it had been used by the family for 65 years before the UFC was created, the Mata Leao became globally recognized when Royce used it to defeat Ken Shamrock in only 57 seconds in the semi-final match of UFC 1. Simply put, if you had to fight a lion, this technique would be your best bet.

SS 4/10 Top Secret Technique Video: The Five Lion Killers
When you purchase the SS4/10 t-shirt, you are given instant access to a top secret technique video entitled "The Five Lion Killers." In this detailed instructional video, Ryron and Rener teach you five new variations of the Mata Leao, or Rear Naked Choke, not covered in Gracie Combatives, and several finishing details that make it much easier to seal the deal. Once you purchase the SS4/10 t-shirt, you'll get an instant email receipt for your purchase, and at the bottom of that receipt you'll receive special instructions on how to access your secret online instructional video. Bottom line: get the t-shirt and get the Mata Leao instructional video that can't be accessed, purchased, or viewed in any other way!

SS 4/10 T-shirt Design Details

Technique:Mata Leao
Translation: Lion Killer
Fact: Beat the King and be the King.
Note: If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.
Application: Wrap the opponent's neck, hold your bicep, anchor your hand, lower your head, hug the "V".
Diagnosis: Not good.
Recovery Time: Ask Rickson.
Preventative Measures: Watch your six.
Submission Series: 4/10

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