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Submission Series 10/10: Triangulo

June 28, 2014

Plus Free "Triangle" Poster with Orders Over $75 - Ends This Sunday

On the final Submission Series t-shirt, we pay tribute to the most famous submissions in the jiu-jitsu arsenal, the Triangle. On December 16, 1994 Royce Gracie faced Dan "The Beast" Severn in the finals of the UFC 4 open weight tournament! After surviving from the bottom of the guard for over 15 minutes, Royce shocked the world when he snuck his right leg over Dan's shoulder and locked his legs behind Dan's neck. No one, not even the commentators, expected The Beast to be in any sort of danger, but a few seconds later Dan tapped out and in that instant, the Triangle became the most mysterious yet respected submission of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu! Even though it takes years to master, the Triangle is taught to beginner students in lesson 10 of the Gracie Combatives system. If you haven't seen the classic Gracie Breakdown by Rener Gracie and CM Punk, click on the video link below.

SS 10/10 T-shirt Design Details
Technique: Triangulo
Translation: Triangle
Fact: Like a good friend, it's always there.
Skeptics: Talk to The Beast!
Application: Establish Triangle setup, redirect their arm, adjust your hips, lock the Triangle, and apply pressure from all angles simultaneously. If they go for the "Rampage Slam," hug their leg and don't let go.
Diagnosis: Sweet dreams.
Recovery Time: Avoid the white light, and you'll be all right.
Preventative Measures: Both arms in, or both arms out.
Submission Series: 10/10

SS 10/10 Top Secret Technique Video: Top Five Triangle Variations
When you purchase the SS 10/10 t-shirt, you are given instant access to a top secret video in which Rener and Ryron teach you their five favorite advanced triangle setups and finishing details including T-City's favorite, the "flying triangle." Once you purchase the SS 10/10 t-shirt, you'll get an instant email receipt for your purchase, and at the bottom of that receipt you'll receive special instructions on how to get instant access to your secret online instructional video through Gracie University. Bottom line: get the t-shirt and get the triangle instructional video that can't be accessed, purchased, or viewed in any other way!

Available in sizes Small through XXXL. Click here to order your SS 10/10 t-shirt today.