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Gracie News

Student Street Fight Story

April 15, 2010

On Wednesday, April 7, 2010 we received the following letter from Lucas Wall, a Gracie Combatives blue belt who had not trained in three years.

"Dear Rorion, Ryron, Rener, Ralek & Reylan:

How are you guys doing? I'm great and I miss training with you all.

You may not remember me, but if you do it will not shock me because you are all so sharp. I have not trained in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for just about 3 years now. I am only a blue belt. My last class at the academy was the day I received my blue belt, but for financial reasons I could not continue.

Anyhow, something happened to me today that I would like to share with you guys (please share with the classes too, if you like). It is called Gracie Jiu-Jitsu! That is what happened today.

I was leaving the parking garage after my guitar lesson and as I entered the residential street, another car came zooming around the corner. As the guy drove past me, he had to somewhat go around me and tap his brakes in order to slow down. He gave a "dirty look" (we all know how road rage is) and I put up my hands like, "what?" as he drove by. He saw this and immediately stopped his car in the middle of the street and jumped out with a purpose. He started charging towards my truck he wanted to see "what's up" and "if I had a problem" and also if I wanted to "go" you know, all the things "tough guys" say. I parked my truck right in the middle of the street and jumped out, leaving my glasses and phone in the car. Then he asked the dumbest question of his life, "Do you want to handle this?" "You want some?" I simply said, "Okay!" Please keep in mind that I am only five foot, seven inches tall and 150 pounds. This guy was in his early 30s and weighed at least 190lbs. I thought to myself "uh oh" but he was determined to hurt me, so I had no choice.

As he rushed me, I immediately closed the distance and went for the clinch. It caught him off guard because he was expecting me to throw fists. It took me about 10 seconds to get him down, because he was struggling to try and get me in a headlock. I simply went for the body fold takedown, and when he resisted, I switched to the Leg Hook Takedown. As soon we hit the ground, he rolled to his knees and I took his, and then I proceeded with my favorite the Mata Leao! His face was turning beet red as I applied the squeeze to his neck. He was saying, "Okay man, let me go. I'm good. I got it, let me go." I asked him if he "really was done" before letting go. He WAS done. I showed mercy and control. I did not want to hurt him. I released the choke and pushed him away from me. He dropped his phone without realizing it, and I pointed it out for him. He shook my hand and said, "It's cool man, I'm good." Immediate respect in less than 2 minutes!!!

Boy, if I had a picture of his face afterwards priceless! I'm a small 28 year-old white boy from Carson, CA, and I've always been a target for bullies. Little did he know that I had GJJ in my back pocket and that I was taught by the best family in the world! He made the error of judging a book by its cover. Did I mention that this was my first street fight since training with the Gracie Family? I always try to avoid conflict if I can I'm a peaceful guy.

I just wanted to share this experience with you guys, and thank you for the survival skills you shared with me. I took care of the situation without getting hit once, and I didn't even throw a punch. I really respect the art and what it has taught me and I value the traditions of the Gracie Family (since I have none of my own). The other reason I share this is so that you can share my story as evidence of the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Like I said, I haven't trained in over 3 years and it was like second nature.

Once again, thank you, and I look forward to coming back sooner than later!

I miss my GJJ family


Lucas Morgan Wall"