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Street Fight Victory After Only FOUR Lessons!

October 7, 2009

Street Fight Victory After Only FOUR Lessons!

Cesare Wright was a student at the Gracie Academy for 2 years before moved to New York. He took the Gracie Combatives DVDs
with him and started a jiu-jitsu club so he could share the techniques
with his friends. After four lessons his friend used the techniques on
the streets. Here are the reports he sent us.

"Hey Ryron and Rener,

just wanted to pass this along. I think it's an amazing example of the
street applicability and overall effectiveness of Gracie Combatives.
Kirill came out to train with me 1-2 times a week for about a month,
before using GJJ to subdue a criminal. Not only was he able to retrieve
his property and get a career criminal off the streets, but he was able
to do so safely and humanely, exerting only the amount of force
necessary to subdue the thief until police arrived.

many other people, without the benefit of Gracie jiu-jitsu, would have
simply let the criminal escape, or been forced to resort to striking
techniques, which would likely have resulted in severe injury to the
criminal or possibly the victim? I think this is also a beautiful
example of how the legacy of Helio Gracie continues to impact people
from all over the world. Here we have a Russian graduate student in
Rochester NY, applying techniques that I learned from you in on the
Gracie Combatives DVDs, after my cousin Phil trained with Relson in
Hawaii and introduced me to jiu-jitsu. The influence of GJJ is truly

Anyway, thanks again for everything.


Here is the report from of the incident from Cesare's friend, Kirill.

heard that another PhD student, Cesare, was looking for people to
practice Gracie Combatives. I gave it a shot and had 4 sessions with
him. He showed me a takedown and a rear-naked choke, both of which came
in handy 3 months later.

friend, Misha, had his laptop stolen in one of the libraries at U of R.
The administration informed students of the incident, and said that the
suspect had been stealing laptops for 2 years that he was difficult to
catch. One day someone came into the library, sat next to my bag, and
then left. The bag felt lighter when I lifted it; there was no laptop.
I thought about the hours of research that I was about to lose and ran
outside. I saw the guy. He was pretending to wait for the bus. I asked
him, with an angry polite tone, to return my laptop. He said he didn't
know anything. I opened his bag a little and saw my silver laptop. I
held his jacket. He pushed me, dropped his bag, and started running and
screaming. I did a takedown and took the opportunity to use the
rear-naked choke. My choke wasn't perfect, but it was enough to hold
him. He scratched my hands, and pretended to have asthma. It turned out
that one of the bystanders was a medic, and had all the equipment to
treat an asthma attack. After confirming that the thief was faking, I
told him not to move or I would choke him out. I asked people around me
to call campus security. We were lying on the road in front of the
library, and I wasn't going to more or allow him to escape. 10 minutes
later, campus security showed up, followed by the police. It turned out
that he had also stolen a wallet from another student that day. The
thief was charged with 2 counts of burglary, trespassing (he was warned
not to be on campus earlier this year), and identity theft (he stole a
credit card along with the wallet). This happened in November 2008. He
is still on trial and looking at 3 1/2 - 7 years. I am still practicing
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with my friend Cesare.

Kirill Igumenshchev
PhD Student, University of Rochester"