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Seatle Seminar Review

October 3, 2013

Detailed Review of Rener's Seminar by Tyy Withrow

Man, I'm just thankful I was able to make it to this seminar. I want to thank Craig Hanaumi for sending me an invite to this amazing event. It was a two day seminar with three focuses. The first day was about the triple threat guard, which I learned some awesome details. The second day part one was focused on arm locks from side control. And the last part was about leg locks. Which I got some really small and crucial details. I also stayed to help out with the kids "Bully Proof" seminar, which was really eye opening to see Rener have such a passion to teach. I can only hope one day I'll be half as good of a teacher as he is.

I was glad I was able to take notes each day because of the amount of knowledge this guy dropped. My mind was numb from trying to take in all the details. The really cool thing is that Rener offered to correct our notes if we emailed them to him. Which I thought was pretty legit. And no, you couldn't email him a blank piece of paper and ask him which details you missed. Haha

I really liked the way he taught. He was full of energy and passion the whole time. You could tell by the way he talked that he loves what he does. He could discuss how paint dries and he would find a way to make it interesting. He focused a lot on the small details that helped make each move successful. To continue reading, click here