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Ryron & Rener on Jiu-Jitsu Magazine Cover

April 29, 2016

Great New Article in May Issue of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

In this cover story, Ryron and Rener go deep into the core values and principles of jiu-jitsu as they learned it from their grandfather, Helio Gracie. They also share several techniques and concepts that are as effective on the street as they are on the mat. Below are the primary questions and techniques featured in the article:

"In Their Own Words" (Interview Questions)

One of the things I was curious about, let's say you demonstrate 100 techniques in a given week or day or whatever. What percentage would you say comes straight from Helio or your father, and what percentage is stuff that you've adapted? Or is it all stuff you've adapted?
What are some examples of something that Helio would have disapproved of?
You guys practice and preach a lot of patience in jiu-jitsu. Is that something you think is lacking for many people?

Techniques (With Detailed Photo Sequences)

The Snowplow (Ryron's Favorite)
Twisting Arm Control (with 2 Finishing Options)
Offensive Defense (Principle-based Mount Survival)
Punch Block Series (Essential Guard Survival)
Blocking with the Legs (Street Fight Open Guard)

To find the magazine, visit your local bookstore, or you can but the single May issue online after May 1, by clicking here.