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Ronda Rousey Does it Again!

August 21, 2012

Gracie Breakdown

Everyone knows Ronda Rousey is good, but on August 18, 2012, she proved that she truly is in a class of her own. Not only did she defend her bantamweight title, but she did it in a devastating fashion against Sarah Kaufman, one of the most respected female MMA fighters in the world. In this episode, Ryron and Rener analyze the specific variation that Ronda uses to catch Sarah's arm, and then they explain what future victims of the "Arm Collector" will need to do to stand a better chance of escaping her first-round armbar that they will be subjected to. This is the first Gracie Breakdown that is filmed entirely at the new Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills, California. Enjoy!

New Video: Ronda Rousey Does it Again!