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Rener Gracie Visits Norfolk To Observe Bullyproof

July 23, 2010

With school just a few weeks away, many local kids in Norfolk, Va. attended an anti-bullying program at the Lamberts Point Community Center that was headed up by the Hip Hop Chess Federation and Gracie BULLYPROOF. The goal for these kids - to gain confidence, critical thinking skills and respect for themselves and others that will help prevent bullying.

As co-creator of the Gracie BULLYPROOF program, Rener Gracie took a trip to visit Norfolk and observe a session of these kids in action. While in town, Rener also taught a master class for military professionals and law enforcement at the Norfolk Karate Academy.

You can read more about his visit by clicking here and here. To watch a short video of Rener teaching a few techniques, see the clip below.