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Red Bull 'Renergy' Drink Still Unopened

December 4, 2013

Black Belt Review of Rener Gracie Sydney Super Seminar!

I recently had the opportunity to attend Professor Rener Gracie's Super Seminar in Sydney Australia. It was a great day of training where I learned a lot, and can say for sure that Rener's guarantee of making at least one month's progress for each module regardless of past experience was true for me.

Perhaps the best way of illustrating how much I enjoyed the seminar is the attached photo. Having just finished a 60-hour work week and looking to a 5-hour round trip plus 8 hours of training, I purchased a bottle of (non Gracie Diet approved) red bull. You can see the bottle remains unopened - we had so much fun learning the new techniques, and Rener's instruction was so effective, that there was absolutely no need for artificial support. Not only that, we headed to our gym the very next morning to practice and review the newly learned techniques. That's how great the seminar was. I recommend it to anyone who wears a gi, regardless of belt color!

Thanks again Rener for visiting us down under!

Luke Beston
Black Belt
Newcastle, Australia