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Raising such a fine young man...

April 30, 2014

Gracie Bullyproof student rescues a young girl!

"I wanted to send a short shout out to the Gracie Bullyproof program. My son Will is pictured here with Rener. He is the one with the mohawk. This picture was taken during the Bullyproof Summer Camp in 2011. My sons also attended the camp in the Summer of 2012. Last night I received a text from a close friend who was forwarding a message from another parent at my son's school. The text asked for my friend to please forward the following message to me because the parent did not know how to contact me. The message sender was the father of a kindergartener at my son's school. My son is in the 2nd grade. The messages stated that there was a 1st grade boy that liked to pick on the Kindergarten girls and push them around. This father stated that his daughter had fallen victim to this bully and that she was shoved to the ground. The girl came home and told her father what had happened and stated that my son Will had witnessed what was going on and ran across the school yard to come to her aid. The parents were very impressed that my son would get involved and assist their daughter. I saw that father today and he thanked me for raising such a fine young man. I made sure to inform him that this is how Gracie Bullyproof trained children are prepared to handle these types of situations. Your program along with the the excellent training my sons receive at Chattanooga Jiu Jitsu Academy are making them better men. Thank you!"

-Raymond Bell

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