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Pedro Sauer Partners with Gracie University

January 22, 2016

Plus Master Sauer Seminar Series Now Available on Gracie University!

Master Pedro Sauer is joined Ryron and Rener Gracie to announce the official partnership between the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association and Gracie University. The objective is simple -- a universal curriculum that ensures structure, safety, and self-defense for everyone! Check out the exciting announcement video below.

Now Available: Master Sauer Seminar Series Videos
For the first-ever Gracie University Seminar Series, Ryron and Rener partner with none other than Master Pedro Sauer, one of the most respected and sought after jiu-jitsu instructors in the world. With over 40 years of experience, Master Sauer teaches some of the most spectacular principle-driven seminars in the industry. To kick off the Seminar Series, he travels to California to allow the GU production team to capture his three most popular mastery seminars up close and personal. With Rener Gracie as his teaching partner and the big green mat all to themselves, Master Sauer had no restrictions on time, so he was able to delve further into the details than he ever does during his live seminars. Below are the seminars and an overview of what he covered in each one.

Seminar 1: Side Mount Escape Mastery
In this special mastery seminar, Pedro teaches seven of his favorite escapes from the most dreaded position in jiu-jitsu - bottom side mount. First, he will show you some details that will take your shrimp escape to the next level, and then he will share his most reliable north-south escapes and some bonus details!

Seminar 2: Guard Pass Mastery
Having experienced many injuries from over forty years on the mat, Master Sauer has adjusted his grappling style to optimize self-preservation. Today, he has a finely tuned guard passing system that he routinely uses against younger, stronger opponents. First, Master Sauer teaches the key principles of posture and his favorite ways to break the guard, and then he addresses options based on your opponent's behavior.

Seminar 3: Submission Mastery
Having regularly trained with much stronger and more athletic partners for over forty years, Master Sauer could rarely force a submission. Instead, he based his attack strategy on the principle of surprise. In this mastery seminar, he shares eight of his "sneakiest submissions" from the mount, side mount, guard, half guard, and back mount.

The Master Sauer Seminars Series is not included in any GU subscription and must be purchased separately. You may purchase the seminars one-by-one, or purchase the bundle and get a substantial discount, click here to learn more.