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PB Rollers Gracie Garage Keeps it Real

September 14, 2011

The following message was sent in from a GU student who visited a Gracie Garage in Southern California.

"I recently started the first three lessons of the Gracie Combatives program. I just returned from a trip down to San Diego, CA for my nephew's graduation from Marine Corps Boot Camp. Before I left Las Vegas (where I live), I looked for a Gracie Garage in the San Diego area. I found the PB Rollers Gracie Garage in San Diego and contacted the owner and instructor Mr. Richard Sprunger through the Gracie University website. I got to roll and train with Richard and another student named Corey Pagano The training was great! I was treated like I was a member of the family from the get go! Having only learned Lessons 1-3 so far, Richard made sure we went over some of that material and really helped me fix a few things. I have been training off and on for a little over a year in BJJ, but I don't remember having as much fun training as I did at the Gracie Garage in San Diego. I can truthfully say that the training I received was right on par with most of the Black Belts that I have learned BJJ with. I was very impressed with the high level of skill and technique that I saw and learned from Richard and Corey!! I just wanted to let you know that this Gracie Garage is doing an excellent job and I hope to train with them again. I have already written a few questions on the forums here and was always answered quickly and fully. I am planning on starting a Gracie Garage in Las Vegas, NV as soon as I can get a couple more of the required items. I just had to let you know that this was my first experience in an actual Gracie Garage and I am hooked? Thanks Gracie University, Richard Sprunger, and Corey Pagano for keeping it real."

Rogelio "Chico" De Coster
Gracie University Student
Las Vegas, NV