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New Video: Ronda Rousey - In The Zone

November 13, 2015

Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Video from Ryron Gracie

Two weeks before Ronda Rousey faced Bethe Correia, Team Rousey made it's way to Rio De Janeiro. I took it one step further and attempted to capture every moment as a fly on the wall would.

Although the fight was impressively fast, with Ronda knocking out Bethe in 34 seconds, the only thing more impressive to witness was the two weeks leading up to the minutes before the fight. Ronda displayed 100% discipline the whole two weeks. This is where I learned the most and it is what people get to see the least of.

I brought my GoPro to as many places as I could throughout the 14 days and left it on while we carried on as normal. After capturing many hours of footage, I edited the video into 3 minutes and 30 seconds and had Salar System make the score. The goal was to show you, in a flash, the rawness and realness of what the preparation for UFC 190 was like in Brazil.

Team Rousey included Edmond, Justin, Mike, Jessica, Martin, Sakis, Eric, and Anne. The group was special and the bonds were deep. The most memorable was being able to see how each of them contributed their part so beautifully to the bigger goal.

Coach Edmond, thank you for teaching me so much, I appreciate all of your time and energy. Congratulations!

Ronda, congratulations on all of your success. No video can ever show how special you really are or what you are truly capable of.

Enjoy !

-Ryron Gracie